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“The sensuous seemingly simple abstract forms are underpinned by a deep level of intellectual enquiry into all aspects of the work – surface texture, detail, form and scale – and while expressing the tensions between paradoxes of nature, they seem to also contain those paradoxes, giving them a primal or archetypal stature.”


You understand that?


Am I surprised?



That small statement was penned by a successful potter and used in a reputable journal to introduce some of her work. Basically, they are vases. Nice vases, but no bloody use for much else. The paragraph embodies everything I hate most about the world of potters....and don't expect me to call them ceramicists or any other twee name.

I make stuff for fun. If anyone wants to buy anything, just ask. I do not advertise my stuff because I have no intention of turning my hobby into a profession; that way there be dragons.


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